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Clothing, Cooking, Shopping
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Help a cat, feed a cat
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Quick News

Halloween has passed and winter has arrived. While most birds have gone south, there are still bird watching opportunities for cats. Play a bird video on your computer or tv and it can be almost as good as the real thing. Outside is good as well. You can put a window mount bed up and your cat will enjoy the view. Put up a big flat bird feeder and add seeds. You, your cat, and the birds will appreciate it (as will squirrels).

We are now stocking lots of winter items. Pudus (warm slipper socks) are back. Warm beds have displaced the halloween displays. And we now have several cat trees in different heights. Its not too late to get and use a cat backpack – a more comfortable and warmer alternative to a conventional carrier. We also have Lazy Loungers, a bed that you put over a heat vent giving your kitty a warm place to nap.

On December 1, One Spoiled Kitty will have been open for one year. This December (and right now), we have plenty of gifts for the giving and sharing with cats, family, and friends. Local crafters, including Upcycled Decor & More, and Patio Pets, continue to supply us with wonderful toys and gifts for cats and people. And yes, we have cat food, litter, and other supplies too.

People have asked, but Ninja and Curious are not for sale. These wonderful cats live here in the store, their forever home. They do enjoy testing out new toys and snacks when not greeting people and just hanging out. They like visitors – do come by and say hi to them.

Lots of local people use our online shop to see what we have, then come down and buy in store. Its also a good excuse to visit Curious and Ninja.  Just a reminder – what we show online is a subset of all the cool cat and cat themed products we have. Buying from One Spoiled Kitty on line is possible and delivery is not expensive ($6 locally).

Agape Table

Still taking donations. We set up a bin for donations for Agape Table who had lost pretty much everything in the Jarvis warehouse fire. We need to keep in mind that many of the people Agape Table helps are cat lovers too. You can find out more about them at the Agape Table website  and on their Facebook home.

Product Showcase

Purchase on line with local pickup or delivery

We offer $6.00 delivery to Winnipeg addresses whose postal codes start with one of
R2RR2XR2Y For the rest of Winnipeg, we ship by courier or Canada Post at our $12.00 rate.

Pay with most credit cards (we use Stripe).

Outside Winnipeg?

We deliver to Manitoba,  Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Soon to add: British Columbia, and Ontario.

Flat rate shipping is $12.00 with free shipping on orders of $150 or higher.

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Who is One Spoiled Kitty inc?

Meet the team

Donna Harris

The driving force behind finding and acquiring the amazing, and everyday, items we sell.
Goes the extra miles, occasionally driving to Pembina ND to pick up goods that either cost a fortune to ship into Canada or are simply not shipped outside the US by the manufacturers.
Makes all fun and newsworthy Facebook posts.

Grant Rogerson

Secretary / Cat Wrangler
Handles day to day operations, including receiving, pricing, inventory database updates, website updates, many Facebook updates, and coffee drinking.
Owned and operated by Luna the cutie kitty cat who was adopted from D'Arcy's ARC
When not working for the store or for Luna, he can be found playing Eve Online.

Where is One Spoiled Kitty inc?