Rocket Cat

Rockie, gone now, was an inspiration to us.  We made a cat lifestyle store he would have been pleased to visit.

One Spoiled Kitty

A Store for Cats

It started with visiting pet supplies stores and thinking “these are dog supply stores with a few things for cats” and maybe birds and other. Having lived a cat lifestyle with cat and cat themed human goodies, the idea came: why not a pure cat store?

We have the expected food, litter, scratching posts, wands, and other cat supplies. Also the catnip (several kinds), cat grass, honeysuckle, beds, and more. Some are common inexpensive items, and some are better to great quality items you won’t easily find, or even have heard of. Pine, wheat, or corn cat litter? Not your usual dusty clay.

The cat lifestyle store was born. All it needed was a plan and a place. And a name. Donna suggested “One Spoiled Kitty” because cats need spoiling and ours are. Grant added the tag line “a place for cats and the people they own” because dogs may have owners but cats have servants.

The People They Own

A Store for People

Including One Spoiled Kitty inc, there are two stores for pet owners at Valour Road & Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. This makes the corner something of a destination for pet owners, especially those with more than one type of pet. Each specializes in something different, and in their own style. Even if you do not own a pet, one or more could have something of interest for you or for gift giving. Stop by, check us all out.

For you, the one the cat owns, we have clothing, mugs, games, coffee, fridge magnets, pillows, cards, socks and slippers, purses, shopping bags, and more. Plush toy cats too. If you come in and cannot find what you want, tell us. We are always looking for fun new stuff, and have a few local crafters ready to make cool items.

Whatever you or your cat need or want, it’s available in store and online.

If your cats own you, this is your store.

A cat lifestyle store, for you and for your cats.