Frequently Asked Questions

and some infrequently asked


We are Canadian and One Spoiled Kitty is registered in Manitoba Canada.
Our website is hosted on Canadian servers managed by Web Hosting Canada.

Covid-19 and Masks

Masks are not currently required.

Cookie Policy

Cookie policies and settings are not required in Canada.

Go look, we’ll wait  Do Canadian Websites Need an “Accept Cookies” Popup?

Why don't you have free shipping on everything?

We looked at our options:

  1. A company we will refer to as W gives free shipping. They sell the same item as us. We charge $25 and add $12 to $24 for shipping ($37 to $45 total). They charge $50.
  2. A company we will refer to as A gives "free" shipping by charging you $78 to $96 per year in what are effectively shipping charges paid in advance. They have a cute name for it. Company A also lists shipping costs for people not interested in paying in advance.
  3. Online sellers known as third party sellers take your order for item X at $200, forwards your address to the actual retail vendor who them ships you the $70 item. The seller pays the shipping out of his $130 spread. Common on sites like A and another we will refer to as E.
  4. Sellers with no physical store simply list a price which includes shipping costs. Think: nothing in life is free.
  5. We give you the store price. Telling you the shipping cost is just honesty.

Why don't you have a return policy like {name of business}?

Different businesses have different policies because they have different products, locations, margins, and capabilities. We are open to suggestions.

How long have you been in business?

Since December 1, 2018.

Will you be opening a store in {city}?

Maybe. President says no. Dissenting cat-brain rebel says want to. Budget says not for a while.

Why do you sell offline and online?

We have a physical store for the interactive experience it provides. You get to see, touch, and hold items. It has an open layout so you see the products in context of other products. The store cats can provide an opportunity to see how they interact with toys, beds, and other cat goodies. You can ask questions and give suggestions.

We sell online because some people find the convenience suits them. It also provided an unexpected benefit. Local people browse the online shop to get an idea of what we have, then come visit!

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment.

How many cats do you have?

Two cats, Curious & Ninja, arrived as our official store cats May 8, 2019. They are permanent residents, and just awesome. If you want to see pics, there are a few on site with more on Facebook and Instagram. We also have one cat at home.

Can we bring our cat(s) to the store?

Yes, if they are well behaved and in a carrier. Curious & Ninja are good with other cats, having lived together with many others at Craig Street Cats. Your cat may react badly, being in an unfamiliar place.

If you are looking for cat clothing or collars, your cat can try them on so you can get the size right the first time.

We might want pictures of your kitty. The pics could end up on Instagram, Facebook, or the website. However, internet fame is not garanteed

Where do your products come from?

The world. We have many made in Winnipeg, elsewhere in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. We have unique offerings by Canadian manufacturers, artisans and craftspeople. Whether the product is local or not, we are careful to stock quality products regardless of where they are made.

Why do you not ship everywhere, or at least to {my city}?

Mostly to minimize shipping costs (which exploded recently). We want to ship at least Canada wide, but its a challenge. If we open a US location, that would change everything but we are not there yet.

What is your favorite kind of cat?

All of them. Including non-domestics like Cheetahs, Sand Cats, and Clouded Leopards. Cats are awesome.

Not all your store items are sold on line. Why?

Pre-covid, the shipping costs made many things impractical. Things like cat trees attract truly nasty shipping charges.

Because COVID, we are working to get as much as possible online. If you find out through friends, co-workes, Facebook or Instagram that have something in store but not online, email us and we will put it up asap.

Do you have any preferred customer or other incentive programs?

We just started an in-store loyalty program. Spend a dollar, get a point. When you have accumulated 100 or more , get a discount. It is in store only, limited by the technology we use.

Planned: Frequent online purchasers will be sent shipping coupons or gift cards (schedule t.b.d). We have a few other ideas yet to be implemented.

Do you sell wholesale?

Not yet. Planned.

Do you donate to any charities or animal rescues?

Yes. Usually done through selling their products directly (Craig Street Cats) or products where the wholesaler sends some part of their income to animal rescues (The Animal Rescue Site).

What do you do with information you collect on people who visit the website or buy online?

It is neither sold nor given away. Maybe we will email you regarding new products or deals, but not more than once or twice a month.

Cookies are used for session maintenance (eg to keep your shopping cart full of items you picked as you move about the site).

We will create a policy page if we do anything else.

Why just cat stuff?

We made the store we wanted to shop at knowing other people would too. A place with pet supplies that did not make cats second class citizens and had fun cat themed items for cat people.

Why don't you sell on Amazon or... ?

Some of our suppliers require their products NOT be sold on Amazon and certain other sites. We would be in violation of our agreements on those items. To be consistent, we are our own store, online and off.

You sell some cat products by {company}. Why don't you sell all of them?

Our tiny store would be overloaded. We have some Kit-Cat® clocks for example. To carry their entire line would come close to filling it. We have to pick and choose to provide variety. Suggestions on particular items are very welcome.

Do you sell any One Spoiled Kitty branded merch?

Yes. Soon to be in the web shop.