Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan


Ideal if your cat really likes to kick up the litter.
Also can keep the dog from inappropriate cat “snacks”.

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With an attached lid, the PetmateĀ® Top Entry Litter Pan makes cleanup easier by keeping litter inside the box.
The generous wide top opening allows easy access for cats of all sizes, and the space inside is large enough for them to turn around.
No matter how much they dig or paw through the litter, the high walls will keep it from spilling over the edge and onto the floor.
In multi-pet households, they will keep out curious dog noses.
When your cat jumps out, the litter is trapped by the non-slip, textured lid and then falls back into the pan through grates that are large enough for most litter types.
The rounded edges and molded bottom handle help you lift the box easily, for easy moving and pouring out old litter even when it is full of litter.

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Dimensions 50.8 × 38 × 38 cm