PureBites Chicken and Pumpkin Gut & Digestion Squeezables Cat Treat


A tasty squeezable treat thats also good for your cat.

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* Made with only 5 ingredients: 100% pure chicken, water, pumpkin, tapioca starch, & inulin. Proudly sourced and made in Thailand with human grade ingredients
* Every Squeezable pouch contains pumpkin and inulin to support digestive health
* Made in a creamy texture cats love! High in protein and 93 calories per pouch. No artificial colors, fillers, or sweeteners
* Made fresh & pure in a fun and interactive squeezable pouch. Ideal for cats with health issues, have allergies, or are on a restricted diet. Feed as a healthy and functional treat, mixer, or topper for your cat.
Chicken, water, pumpkin, tapioca starch, inulin.