Purebites Pure Duck Protein Pate 2.5oz / 71g (Dog)

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Labelled a dog treat, it is also fine for cats. It is a duck pate, no other ingredients.
So pure, it is intended a ‘supplemental only’ treat, or mixed in with regular food.

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Made with only 1 ingredient; 100% Pure Human Grade Duck
PureBites 100% Pure Duck Paté can be fed as a treat, mixer, taste enhancer, appetizer or protein booster
Made in a delightfully smooth paté texture that cats love
Made using a delicate cooking process to lock in the wholesome freshness of pure meat without adding any preservatives
100% Natural & Grain Free, High in Protein & 102 calories per can
PureBites 100% Pure Duck Patés are ideal for cats with health issues or pets that are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet