Ninja in flight

While no creature has laser beam eyes or the ability to leap tall buildings, different species have some edge over others that makes it seem like they have super powers.

Lets compare cats and humans. What are their super powers?

Language is a human super power. Cats communicate with each other through sound, motion, touch and scent. And they deal with the world around them, and even do a bit of planning without benefit of a word based language to think with. But to write plays, to tell stories, to share experiences, that’s entirely unique to humans. We could never have science, medicine, space travel, or even bicycles, without it.

Agility is a cat super power. Our best gymnasts can do amazing things. But realistically only after considerable training and practice. But they cannot match cat agility and speed simply because of the way a cat’s body is structured and its limbs are attached. No training required. Cats are fine tuned super gymnasts.

Color vision is a human super power. While its true there are other critters who can see colors we cannot, compared to cats, our color vision is a super power. It turns out cat eyes are capable of seeing in color, and their minds are capable of perceiving color, but it is a very weak capability. You can see and find what they can not.

Night vision is a cat super power. Cats eyes are as much as seven times more sensitive in low light conditions. They cannot see in total darkness, but they need very little light. They are effective night hunters, especially at the edge of night. In the dark, you won’t see that Lego you are about to step on. Your cat will see your moving foot and attack, saving you from a painful Lego encounter.

Motion detection is a cat super power. The slightest move by that fly, bird, or mouse and your cat locks on to it almost instantly. It’s a capability you as a human cannot match.

Can you think of any other super power cats or humans have?

Is a built in fur coat a super power? What about being able to sleep for 16 hours? Is purring a super power? Humans can run for hours (endurance), but not cats. Is that a super power? Cats can swim without being taught how – superpower?