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Help a cat, feed a cat
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Shipping Update Winnipeg

🐾  Winnipeg has two zones:

Local Zone:

★   R2Y Sturgeon west to perimeter.
★   R3K South of R2Y to Assiniboine river.
★   R3J St James St west to Sturgeon, south to Assiniboine river.
★   R3G West end east to Maryland, North to Sargent, but not Sherbrook.

Flat rate shipping: $12.00
Free on purchases over $30.00  😸

Winnipeg Zone:
All other Winnipeg postal codes.
Flat rate shipping: $12.00
Free on purchases over $60.00  😸

Everywhere else:

★   Manitoba except Winnipeg: $14.00
★   Saskatchewan:  $15.00
★   Alberta: $17.00
★   Ontario and BC:  $24.00
Free on purchases over $120.00  😸

If you order two hours before we close the store, we will try to get your order out the same day. Our closing times:  7pm mon-fri, 6pm Sat, 5pm Sunday

Btw, we are on TikTok

Winnipeg local business

As Winnipeg re-opens, we ask you support local and small businesses. Its not just because we are local or small, but because local and small businesses are your neighbors, and they are the people who give this city much of its character. We don’t want to lose any part of it.

We deliver from Ontario through BC of course. And do free delivery nearby.  If you are in the area, stop in to our shop and our neighbors shops too.

Store Hours

Monday through Friday:  11am to 7pm

Saturday:  11am to 6pm

Sunday:  Noon to 5pm

We ship to BC AB SK MB ON

Cat Lifestyle Support

Visit our Web Shop !  Your kitty and kitty lover paradise. And Ninja’s Secret Treasures Shop – an experiment in the making.

Supply issues – Updated 2020 January 9

Many businesses, including us, have had problems getting all we need. We have experienced some delays.  The situation has gotten better, but remains an issue.

We do not take orders for stock we do not have, so you don’t need to worry about your order getting delayed for lack of supply.

Coming soon

A page of all the things we have that are in store but not sold on line.

COVID 19 Bye Bye Lockdown

Reviewed April 1, 2022

We are fully open. Come in, Curious & Ninja love visitors. You can bring your cat, in a carrier.

Masks Not Required.  But if you are concerned, we will put on masks.

Visiting is inconvenient? We deliver.

You can also order online for pickup in store or curbside, or delivery of course. We are slowly putting all our offerings in the web store. If you want something you have seen us post on Instagram or Facebook, and its not in the store, ping us and we will get in on line – priority 1.


Online Orders

Web Store Local Pickup

Many people have wondered why its so hard to get the Local Pickup option. You had to unclick [x] Ship to another address, but who knew that?

Now that is unclicked by default. Once your home address is in, the option will appear in ‘Your order’, on desktop or mobile.

Your local pickup can be in store or curbside during our regular hours. If you want curbside, put that as a note in your order, then just phone when you get here.


Quick News

Small and local businesses need your support. Visit us. Visit our neighboring stores. Together, we cover a lot of ground and provide great products and services, online and off.

Free delivery? If you are near the store,  per the postal code list [list], we have free delivery for you.

Craig Street Cats

Craig Street Cats requires your help. They do awesome work with feral cats. But how to help?

  • Consider trading in a few days of buying Starbucks or Tims coffees for a donation.
  • Did we say coffee? Sadly, we have not been able to get Craig Street Cats “THE CATS SASS” coffee. Another reason to donate to them.
  • Foster a cat or kitten.
  • Drop off some food, litter, or other supplies (see their site for the kind they most need). You can drop off with us, or with them. As we remain open, its easy either way.
  • If you come in,  drop some money in the Craig Street Cats donation can.
  • You may find yourself with a lot of time off now. Craig Street Cats may have a few things you can do with that time.

Find out more on their Facebook page and Craig Street Cats website.

CSC alumni Curious and Ninja thank you.

What’s in the store that is not online?

There are some things we cannot ship at our low flat rates. However, they will be shown on in the store, just tagged  This product is only available in store when you click on it.  We may be able to make an exception for you if you are in the ‘free shipping’ area, just contact us at 204-504-0990 or via Facebook,  Instagram or email.


Ninja in a hat

Product Showcase

Purchase on line with local pickup or delivery

We offer FREE delivery to Winnipeg addresses whose postal codes start with one of
R2YR3ER3G For the rest of Winnipeg, we ship by courier (Trexity) at our $12.00 rate.

Pay with most credit cards (we use Stripe).

Checkout note: Until it knows your address and shipping/pickup option, checkout shows the most expensive shipping price.

Outside Winnipeg?

We ship to:

  • All Manitoba, $14.00 flat rate
  • Saskatchewan, $15.00 flat rate
  • Alberta. $17,00 flat rate
  • British Columbia, $24.00 flat rate
  • Ontario, $24.00 flat rate

Free on purchases over $120).

Visit the Store

Find us at 1325 Portage Avenue. We are 3 doors west of Portage and Valour Road on the north side.  See map at end of this page, or the Parking page.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  11 am to 7 pm
  • Thursday and Friday:  11 am to 7 pm (winter hours)
  • Saturday:  10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday:  12 noon to 5 pm

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Who is One Spoiled Kitty inc?

Meet the team

Donna Harris

Donna Harris

The driving force behind finding and acquiring the amazing, and everyday, items we sell.
Goes the extra miles, occasionally driving to Pembina ND to pick up goods that either cost a fortune to ship into Canada or are simply not shipped outside the US by the manufacturers.
Makes all fun and newsworthy Facebook posts.
Grant Rogerson

Grant Rogerson

Secretary / Cat Wrangler
Handles day to day operations, including receiving, pricing, inventory database updates, website updates, many Facebook updates, and coffee drinking.
Owned and operated by Luna the cutie kitty cat who was adopted from D'Arcy's ARC
When not working for the store or for Luna, he researches potential store locations, cats, and Bitcoin.


Chief Greeter and Preventer of Work
Known for his fitness and energy, he can often be seen running on the cat wheel. Loves people and cats, and puts up with dogs.
Earned the title Preventer of Work by occupying the shoulder of Grant, preventing him from using his left arm for typing and other work.
Friendly and affectionate by nature, everybody who comes in is either a friend, or soon to be a friend.


Defacto Manager
Makes daily operations possible. Among many other activities, serves customers and the store cats, and ensures online orders and stock are up to date.
Special tasks: Makes Instagram the best site ever. Does all the displays and organizing. Does cat photoshoots, including prepping and dressing the models.


Public Relations Officer
Greets customers and visitors.
Special services: Inspects outgoing orders in hopes of preventing the purchase of catnip which he himself wants. Manages Curious. Tests toys and food.
His many years of experience at Craig Street Cats have made him an expert in interacting with feline visitors. Never a hiss or swat,

Where is One Spoiled Kitty inc?