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Clothing, Cooking, Shopping
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Help a cat, feed a cat
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A Clean Environment
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Shipping Delays Ended

If you choose in store or curbside pickup, it will be ready the same day or the next at most, including weekends.

If your order is delivered locally, two days is typical (except weekends).

If you are outside of Winnipeg, we use Canada Post. They seem to be back on schedule but are still a bit overloaded at times.

COVID 19 Lockdown

Open to sell cat essentials

Come in but wear a mask!

We are classed as:  ‘businesses that provide essential goods and services for the health and well-being of animals’.

You can also order online for pickup in store or curbside, or delivery of course. We are slowly putting all our offerings in the web store. If you want something you have seen us post on Instagram or Facebook, and its not in the store, ping us and we will get in on line – priority 1.


Online Orders

Web Store Local Pickup FIXED

Many people have wondered why its so hard to get the Local Pickup option. You had to unclick [x] Ship to another address, but who knew that?

Now that is unclicked by default. Once your home address is in, the option will appear in ‘Your order’, on desktop or mobile.

Your local pickup can be in store or curbside during our regular hours. If you want curbside, put that as a note in your order, then just phone when you get here.

Quick News 2020 Nov 22


You can now buy gift certificates for use on line and in the store. Important:

The sale of gift certificates in store will stop. Any sold to date will remain valid but can only be used in the store.

Gift certificates you buy online will be good in the web shop and in the store.

How to buy:

Go to the Gift Voucher page.

Click on the image of the warm cat under Select Templates (there will be more styles added later).

Click the Continue button.

The rest of the steps are straight forward. Double check things like email addresses. You get to preview the card before buying so you can go back and edit it.

When it comes to payment, it will show Stripe. Stripe is just a service for secure credit card payments. You can use Visa, Mastercard, or pretty much any other major card.

Remember we only ship to Canadian addresses, so there is not much value in sending a gift certificate to your friends or relatives in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, or other location.

How to use (spend):

When you have a Gift Certificate, you need to click a link in the shopping cart or checkout screen. You will then be able to enter the gift certificate (voucher) number then click the Apply button. The card value will be deducted from your purchase.

Gift certificate entry on checkout page

For in store purchases, you can print it out and bring it. We can also scan its barcode off your phone.

Online or off, if your purchase is for less than the card value, the card will retain a balance.  You can always check it at the Voucher Check Balance  page.

Ninja napping


You can come in and browse, or order online for delivery or pickup.

Free delivery? If you are near the store,  per the postal code list [list], we have free delivery for you.

Out of Stock?

Keeping up with inventory is more troublesome these days as shipping has slowed down and some suppliers are experience lock down related delays.  We are getting inventory, just not as quickly as usual.

Craig Street Cats

Craig Street Cats requires your help. They do awesome work with feral cats. But how to help?

  • Consider trading in a few days of buying Starbucks or Tims coffees for a donation.
  • Did we say coffee? You can also buy some Craig Street Cats “THE CATS SASS” coffee (beans and ground) from us. We resell it at cost so all the money goes to Craig Street Cats.
  • Foster a cat or kitten.
  • Drop off some food, litter, or other supplies (see their site for the kind they most need). You can drop off with us, or with them. As we remain open, its easy either way.
  • If you come in,  drop some money in the Craig Street Cats donation can.
  • You may find yourself with a lot of time off now. Craig Street Cats may have a few things you can do with that time.

Find out more on their Facebook page and Craig Street Cats website.

Curious and Ninja thank you.

What’s in the store that is not online?

More than half of the products in our physical store were not listed in our online store. Heavy and bulky items would require we raise our flat rate shipping charges.

They are all going on line. Its a slow process but its happening.

The catalog of everything: It will no longer be updated.  If an item you want is on the list, or Facebook, or Instagram, and not in the store, leave us a note and it shall be put on as soon as we see the request.


Warm cat

Product Showcase

Purchase on line with local pickup or delivery

We offer FREE delivery to Winnipeg addresses whose postal codes start with one of
R2RR2XR2Y For the rest of Winnipeg, we ship by courier or Canada Post at our $12.00 rate.

Pay with most credit cards (we use Stripe).

Checkout note: Until it knows your address and shipping/pickup option, checkout shows the most expensive shipping price.

Outside Winnipeg?

We ship to:

Manitoba,  Saskatchewan, and Alberta: $12.00 (free on purchases over $150).

Ontario and British Columbia: $20.00 (free on purchases over $150).

Visit the Store

Find us at 1325 Portage Avenue. We are 3 doors west of Portage and Valour Road on the north side.  See map at end of this page, or the Parking page.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  11 am to 7 pm
  • Thursday and Friday:  11 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday:  10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday:  12 noon to 5 pm

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Who is One Spoiled Kitty inc?

Meet the team

Donna Harris

The driving force behind finding and acquiring the amazing, and everyday, items we sell.
Goes the extra miles, occasionally driving to Pembina ND to pick up goods that either cost a fortune to ship into Canada or are simply not shipped outside the US by the manufacturers.
Makes all fun and newsworthy Facebook posts.

Grant Rogerson

Secretary / Cat Wrangler
Handles day to day operations, including receiving, pricing, inventory database updates, website updates, many Facebook updates, and coffee drinking.
Owned and operated by Luna the cutie kitty cat who was adopted from D'Arcy's ARC
When not working for the store or for Luna, he can be found playing Eve Online.

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